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Bangalore – Say Trees

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SayTrees is the fastest growing community of nature loving people from across the world.SayTrees_BangaloreStarted as an informal group, with a handful of techies in Bangalore coming together to plant trees in 2007 it is today a legally registered NGO. SayTrees works with Government and many corporate organizations to promote sustainable development of cities while maintaining the green cover of the cities. The group is actively supported by thousands of volunteers from kids, teens to senior citizens all working together to make their cities green.

SayTrees has planted more than 9,000 trees till date. We don’t plant small saplings but as our name goes we plant TREES. The average height average height of our saplings is 8-10 feet, and we ensure 99% survivability. We don’t ‘just plant a tree’ hence we plant trees in the safest areas and maintain all our trees for at least a year

Address : Electronic City, Bangalore – 560100

Contact Person: – [email protected]

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  1. Mahaalingam.S 2 years ago May 31, 2017

    Excellent efforts
    May God bless you


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