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Visit to Kilkari Rainbow Home Delhi

It was 5:30 pm in the evening, and we were about to reach “Kilkari Rainbow Home”. Few girls were already standing at the gate to welcome us. Their hospitality was nice and we felt as if we already knew them from a very long time. Overall, it was a warm

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Cleanliness Drive Initiative by Prayatna , Gurgaon

“Cleanliness is next to godliness”    M. K. Gandhi There is hardly anyone of us who have not heard of this dictum at school, followed and preached by the father of our great nation. Though perhaps, due to the numerous re-iterations it has undergone, today it is confined to lips and

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Literacy Day at Prayatna-School of Excellence, Gurgaon

Priyanka Maharana from Impulse Corp. an ardent lover of children who has been leading the volunteering at “Prayatna- School of Excellence” Jharsa. She has shared her experience about International Literacy day Celebrations at Prayatna, Jharsa with books and Stories… The evening started by giving a brief introduction on “Literacy Day” and the

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Sheer Joy of Giving

I would like to narrate an incident to my readers, as it happened with one of my mate , inspiring  us to start an initiative to do our bit of contribution. one of my very good friend, who is a struggling actor was coming back  home late on a   cold

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