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new year cake with shanti gyan trust children

new year bash with shanti gyan sewa trust delhi ngo children

कभी किसी शायर ने कहा था : “सुनते हैं खुशी भी है ज़माने में कोई चीज़, हम ढूंढते फिरते हैं ये किधर है, ये कहाँ है…” फिर निदा फ़ाज़ली साहब ने खुशी का पता बताया: “घर से मस्जिद है बहुत दूर चलो यूं कर लें, किसी रोते हुए बच्चे को

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Lohri Celebration At Kilkari Rainbow Home On 15 Jan 2017

lohri fire with fiery little souls at Kilkari home on 15th Jan 2017

Festivals are meant to bring happiness and togetherness …and Lohri truly spread its warm magic on last Sunday with team of Khushiyan at Kilkari Rainbow Home, Kashmiri gate site, where it was celebrated with good volume of volunteers and hundreds of kids. A sunny Sunday afternoon started with the glimpses

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International Journalists at Khushi Rainbow Home

my experience volunteering with khushiyan

It’s been more than one year since I have joined “Khushiyan” NGO. If I have to sum up my experience in one word, I’d say that it is ‘life-changing’ for me with “Khushiyan” whatever I have shared with this “Family”. I have learned a lot of things just within one

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MalaSmritiHome KhushiyanVisit 2409

Birthday Celebration with Kids is Khushiyan – Volunteer Experience on 24th Sep 2016

It takes thousands of rupees to get out of town, to throw parties, or on useless shopping in order to relieve  stress, anxiety, frustration, melancholy and what not …but I suggest try Mala Smriti’s Home kids who open the doors to unlimited positive vibes and smiles supply and the best

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My Experience celebrating teachers day at setu foundation, Noida on 3rd Sep 2016

First ever event at Khushiyan, I was pretty excited and happy to finally make it here. Entering the school, it all fell into place, the anxiousness and jittery feeling all gone seeing the numerous students flocking away from one room to another, full of life and happiness. With this very

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volunteers experience during lohri Celebrations at ummeed aman ghar- 16th Jan 16

ज़िंदगी खुशियों की मोहताज़ नही होती, बेंतिहा दर्द देने वाली साज़ नही होती, हम तो बेवफ़ाई को मान लेते है सच, बंद किताबों जैसा वो कोई राज़ नही होती || DV || जब ‘उम्मीद अमन घर’ में लोहरी का जश्न मानने के लिए खुशियाँ टीम में कदम रखा तो यह

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Khushiyan Event at Muskan Foundation 20th Dec 2015

कुछ पल ज़िंदगी के, ज़िंदगी सिखा जाते है, चेहरे खुशियों के, नया जहां दिखा जाते है || ऐसे ही कुछ खुशियों के पल बाँटने जब ‘खुशियाँ’ की टीम मुस्कान फाउंडेशन के यहाँ गयी तो एक अलग सा ही नज़ारा था| Muskan Foundation – Drug De-Addiction & Rehabilitation Centre at Dwarka

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A Soulful Tree

The sense of palpation is always determined by the virtues that prevail within you to see that the existence of every entity in this universe is beautiful and one is meant to spread the smiles. “KHUSHIYAN“,I won’t consider it amongst one of not only the most ethical and active Ngo,

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diwali celebrations with ummeed aman ghar children

This Diwali, We Khushiyan Team have celebrated pre-Diwali festivities with around 100 children of Ummed Aman ghar, Opp to Qutub Minar, New Delhi on 7th November 2015. Our motive was to spend few hours of joy, delight and learning with underprivileged children and thus bring the festivities of Diwali to

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when i met asharan home children

हाँ कल ही जैसे – लड़ रहा था मैं खुदसे , मासूमियत के सिर्फ निशाँ थे, आशरण की एक पहल पे , खुशिया बिखरने – हम चल दिए , घूमनाम अजनबियों से , कुछ आवाजें बहोतहात तन्हा दिखी , माँ का अभाव , पिता का स्नेह , पर हाँ रोशनआरा

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