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About Khushiyan Events

Khushiyan means happiness. By giving happiness to others selflessly , not only we get blessings but also receive back more happiness. We Organize our social events to visit NGO’s like Children Homes , NGO run education centers, Elders Homes , organize Drives etc. It becomes an opportunity for volunteers to visit , meet and spend time with beneficiaries. It brings awareness about Causes to wider audience and hence the support to their work.


  • We Celebrate Festivals to share happiness

    We organize events at children homes , NGO run Education Centers or Elders homes to celebrate Festivals. They miss all the fun of festivals and so we as a team visit them and celebrate festivals. It bring cheers, happiness and memorable moments to everyone. We regularly organize events on festival days like Lohri , Diwali , Christmas Day.

  • We Organize Workshops to share skills

    We organize Art & Craft Workshops for children. We collaborate with Organizations or encourage volunteers to lead the sessions.

  • We Organize Collection Drives to share resources with needy

    Your Support can help in bringing resources which can be helpful in NGO’s causes like Funds , Hardware , Volunteering Support , Employment to name a few

  • We Organize Fund Raising Events to fulfil NGO Urgent requirements

    Employees when gets connected with social causes , not only they contribute but also appreciate that they can actually be a part of change. Either by active involvement or through timely support.

  • We Organize VISIT TO NGO's

    Corporate Visits to NGO’s Centers or meet beneficiaries bring better understanding of causes to the CSR teams involved. Celebrating Festivals , Organizing Workshops , Social Awareness Drives can connect CSR teams directly with beneficiaries and understand the causes in more depth.

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