Khushiyan - Connecting Helping Hands

Festival Celebration

Festivals are the soul of Indian culture and celebrating them with people around us is what we all are known for. “KHUSHIYAN”  has initiated a program called festival celebration where we are dedicated celebrating all the major festivals with different NGO. Festival celebration across different NGO not just brings smiles to the beneficiaries, it also brings volunteers together to work as a team and fulfils the soul purpose of “KHUSHIYAN” which is connecting helping hands. These events are also helpful for letting our volunteers and associated members know about these NGO and what type of social issues and work they are involved in and how are they working hand in hand to create a better living environment.

“KHUSHIYAN” has successfully celebrated festivals like Diwali, Holi, Lohri, Christmas, New year and many more. Here are the glimpse of our past events.

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