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Giftabled Foundation

Cause: - Differently Abled People
Location: - Bangalore,India.
Founded in Nov 2013.

About Giftabled Foundation

Sometimes we don't encounter problems; rather problems find some of us who have the vision and a resolve to make the world a better place. Something similar happened when Prateek Kaul and Prarthana Prateek Kaul, working on an event with blind kids had to struggle in order to arrange apt gifts for them. The immediate question that struck them was what if a sighted person needs to give a card to a blind. If a sighted gives him card with words that a blind can't read, He will have to take help from someone. What if a blind has to gift a card to a sighted, again take help?
Why not have a greeting card which can be read by both of them, which is in Braille and in language which a sighted can see. Also through their experience of working with blind in past they thought a blind might relate to music so why not search for few musical instruments etc but then the thought came was not necessary that all blind would connect to music.
This moment of realization and a vision to bridge this gap led to this initiative known as GiftAbled. When we think about making a difference to the disabled, we usually think about their education, jobs and career. But 'GiftAbled' is a different approach that has thought about it from the emotional front. It is a wonderful effort to connect with the Specially Abled, sensitize the general public, bridge the gap and build an inclusive society.

Areas of Work

  • To create an ecosystem of like-minded individuals to come together to build a sensitized and disabled friendly society.
  • To create an online platform which supports the livelihood of differently-abled artisans and also provides access to various types of assistive devices for the differently-abled in a single platform.
  • To build an inclusive society.

Volunteering Opportunities

  • Spread Awareness about the cause and help in organizing workshops cum Job Fairs.
  • Corporate tie-ups for CSR Activities and Awareness workshops


Upcoming Activities

Contact Details

Giftabled Website -
Contact Representative
Name Designation Email ID Ph. No
Prarthana Founder , Managing Trustee [email protected] +91 9980350180
Sravanthi Project Lead [email protected] +91 9036432597

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