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Visit to Kilkari Rainbow Home Delhi

It was 5:30 pm in the evening, and we were about to reach “Kilkari Rainbow Home”. Few girls were already standing at the gate to welcome us. Their hospitality was nice and we felt as if we already knew them from a very long time. Overall, it was a warm and loving welcome with lots of positivity.

Initially, we were wondering if anyone amongst kids was interested to go to school or not. But on enquiring, we found that they have very strong ambitions and would love to study and work in future. I distributed notebooks, stationary, clothes and jewellery, which they all loved and appreciated. They accepted everything with a positive feeling and love.

There was a sense of cooperation, love and selflessness among everyone. They were living like a family.
I wasn’t feeling like coming back from there.  My mind was completely transformed, I consider myself fortunate to have my own parents, and a small but “my” own home, my own bedroom, my friends. Those children instilled a sense of positivity and compassion in me.

Neha Visit to Kilkari Rainbow Home

Neha Visit to Kilkari Rainbow Home

I would suggest everyone to have an optimistic approach towards their life.  We should value everything in our life. We should thank God for what he has given us. Those girls had nothing except the smile on their faces.  Still, I am recollecting the memories I got from that home which was filled with love.
“Karke dekho acha lagta hai…..” Has a lot of meaning if you really want to do something.
I shared my experiences of spreading khushiyaan. Hope you all will keep updating about your experiences and moments of khushiyaan.
Regards and lots of thanks to god for this struggle less life which we all are living.

                                       Experience by : – Neha Arora

Khushiyan connected Neha with Kilkari Rainbow Home, Delhi to visit . We are glad that Neha had good experience and planning to visit Kilkari again soon !!

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