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participating in Educathon visit to Shanti gyan sewa trust

I am a music teacher by profession and am delighted today to share my volunteering experience at an event called EducaThon 2017 organized by Khushiyan. We ventured across Delhi to Shanti Gyan Sewa Trust in  Burari, Delhi, with some trepidation on that weekend – would I be a good volunteer? Thankfully, I was greeted and made comfortable by the much experienced staff members of the Trust and Team Khushiyan. The kids at the Trust were full of enthusiasm irrespective of the physically hot conditions they were in. Their enthusiasm was extremely infectious.

Khushiyan EducaThon At SGST On 29 May
Education is transformation – that’s what I felt today while we distributed books and notebooks to these kids. My husband and me along with  team Khushiyan  team whole kindheartedly participated in this event. One of the activities organized involved creativity from the kids in terms of writing their names in a different and fancy style. The best one was hence presented with an exciting gift.

Khushiyan EducaThon At SGST On 29 May

It was a treat to the ears to listen to the songs, poems and jokes. We also played educational games with them like hand writing contest & quizzes.

As a gesture to thank these kids for letting me spend time with them and to best the heat, I had organized a small ice cream treat for them which definitely was well

accepted by the kids.

Khushiyan EducaThon At SGST On 29 May

What amazed me most about those children was their ambition to study.  These kids shared how they wish to become teacher, doctor etc.  I hope I become instrumental in helping at-least one kid to fulfill his/ her ambition.

Lastly, I just have one message for all: An investment in knowledge pays the best interest .

Khushiyan EducaThon At SGST On 29 May

Keep volunteering & keep spreading Khushiyan.

Neha Arora
Team Khushiyan.

Khushiyan EducaThon At SGST On 29 May

Neha Arora


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