Khushiyan - Connecting Helping Hands

national day celebration at Muskan foundation with Music on 26 Jan 2017

Take few seconds, to erase the pain,
Connect helping hands, join the chain…

Muskan Foundation Drug De-addiction and Rehabilitation center at Dwarka is a house for the treatment of many individuals that goes into the fog of drugs and addiction and loses their way. Dr. Bharat Bhushan and Dr. Kanchan Kapur are the pillars of the foundation that is taking care of such individual.
This republic day, 26th Jan’17, Khushiyan  lead by Rohit Gupta along with the volunteers and Macquarie volunteers team jointly had an idea to spend time at Muskan Foundation.

The occasion was not just to celebrate 68th Republic day of India , but about donating musical instruments too. Music is a therapy, a therapy for everyone. Muskan Foundation also has guitar enthusiastic that loves to play and enlighten the moments.
Keeping that in mind, despite heavy rain, chilling weather and metro curtailment, Enthusiastic and passionate volunteers reached their destination.
The event started with the briefing about Muskan Foundation, Khushiyan and Macquarie Community Group, followed by the soothing atmosphere of music.

Republic Day At Muskan Foundation on 26 Jan

Team of 5 volunteers from Macquarie started their performance with guitar and melodious vocalists. The whole atmosphere was lively and everyone enjoyed. Khushiyan team member Diwakar also performed a song with guitar followed by the Muskan Foundation own guitarist Rajesh.

Republic Day At Muskan Foundation on 26 Jan

Rohan, Khushiyan team member, then acted as a story teller with an inspiring story to all present there and after sometime Macquarie Volunteers took over again with their musical performance. The energy inside everyone was brimming and there was no patient or doctor at that moment, everyone was united by one thread known as music. Few Muskan Residents also joined us in singing and performing with old melodious songs. Everyone clapped and sung the songs with performers.

Republic Day At Muskan Foundation on 26 Jan

The time slipped too fast. Macquarie Volunteers group donated musical instruments to the foundation and the next 20 minutes after that was all about the photo session. The event came to a halt after a profound National Anthem sung by everyone with zeal.
At the end the lunch was served by the Muskan team to all the volunteers.

Republic Day At Muskan Foundation

Summarizing the event in two lines would be like:

Linking the dots, creating the ways,
Where heart is pure, positivity stays …

This republic day, the members took away with them the real meaning of patriotism, the real meaning of togetherness and real meaning of happiness. Such blissful moments are like rare gems that infuse the energy for a better future. Volunteering for a good cause is always a satisfying act that brings positivity and peace to the mind. Such energies should join hands and keep volunteering for good causes.

Every attendee:

Khushiyan Volunteers:Rohit , Diwakar , Rohan , Mohanish , Navdeep , Seema , Abhijeet, Macquarie Volunteers – Abhishek  , Sumit , Pooja , Supriya and Nipun became the true messengers of change. A change that is required for the betterment of our own self and everyone around us, a change that should not be called as a change anymore, but just be known as a way of life.

Republic Day At Muskan Foundation on 26 Jan

Keep Spreading Happiness and Keep Volunteering!

Republic Day At Muskan Foundation on 26 Jan

Dr Diwakar Pokhriyal


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