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Lightening Happiness in Diwali Season

If someone’s spirit you want to lift,

Then, smile is the best possible gift… DV

Diwali is the festival of light and happiness. Lightning smiles in the face of children serves the purpose of Diwali for everyone.Diwali Celebration at Khushi Rainbow Home

With similar purpose, Khushiyan team visited Khushi Rainbow Home at Okhla Phase – 1 on 23rd Oct . It is the home of under privilege children fighting for their survival, dreams and aspirations with the help of a few determined souls, paving the way for the bright future of the children.

The whole volunteers reached the place at around 2:30, where the children were already in the jolly mood and playing around. The event started with a briefing to the volunteers. And then started the event, where the volunteers divided into teams to unite the event. Few started the decoration, few started to play with the children and few indulge in other event work.

Tanvir , Mohit , Manmeet with a few other volunteers started playing Diwali Celebration at Khushi Rainbow Homegames with the children. The team games included Antakshari, ABC game and much more. The Khushi Rainbow Home was echoing the fun, in the form of songs and laughs. Jitendra , Ashwin , Sumit and children were busy in decorating the walls with beautiful balloons and colored paper strips . On the other hand Anu Upadhyay along with few children were crafting the Rangoli.  Few volunteers like Diwakar, Rozer  , Jatin  along with few volunteers were capturing those blissful moments of happiness with their lens.

Children were in conversation with the volunteers, participating equally in the event and  making the celebration memorable.   The ever generous staff that takes care of the children at Khushi Rainbow Home, were acknowledged  by the Khushiyan Team.Diwali With Khushi Home Children

And there were snacks which included samosa, chocolates, Gol Gappas and chat for everyone to enjoy.  After the delicious snacks and when the sun started to set, it was the time for enlightening the home. The beautiful Rangoli and the Khushi Rainbow home was decorated with Diyas.

Few awards were also given during the event for the active volunteers throughout the year.

The children, staff and khushiyan team, were all dissolved in the event, participating in all the activities. They were singing, dancing, decorating, smiling, clicking, laughing and lighting Diwali with their enthusiasm.

As the sun took leave from the sky, the whole team also started drifting away from that memorable place. The volunteers spent one of the best time of their lives that they will never forget.  A Diwali that will keep twinkling in the sky of their memory for long. This Diwali event gave the volunteer another way of enlightening the ‘festive of lights’ through the smiles of umpteen beautiful hearts.


Smiles, fun, colors, and those eternal realms,

A single step of you, may craft a million dreams … DV


Diwali With Khushi Home Children

Diwali With Khushi Home Children

Diwali Celebration at Khushi Rainbow Home

Diwakar Pokhriyal


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