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Muskaan “Spreading Smiles”

This event was a big success, also very memorable and close to my heart. It was so unique in itself, being one of an organizer I had certain doubts similar to others on how to start with, how to gel up with the people who are in a way facing a mental trauma due to drugs and are under- treatment.

All the apprehensions went off with the music which brought a very cheerful atmosphere. Kids were dancing and we all could see the innocent minds who are actually a victim of the addiction of a unknown habit acquired in disguise.


We played games, made them sing, dance and declared winners eventually. One of a very special moment was when we all interacted with them and heard their stories of getting into addiction of drugs then, and realizing now how it has ruined their life.  It is really good to see life taking interest again to enter the world of love, care towards their family, friends and most importantly to themselves. An urge to start something, feel responsible and act so that they are again back on normal life.


Gifts were distributed to the Staff members who work day and night dedicatedly to protect them and helping them recover. They set awesome example as they were also like them few years back. They fought hard and now living a normal life happily.

Kids and everyone promised us that they will get out of all this very soon and will also show interest in their recovery treatment process.


Team Members behind the event


My only wish is whenever I visit “Muskaan Foundation” next time, I do not get to see all of them, because I wish and pray they go back to their home completely recovered.

Megha Mishra


Megha Mishra


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  1. Khushiyan 5 years ago September 2, 2014

    Thanks Megha for sharing your experience !! 🙂


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