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Birthday Celebration with Kids is Khushiyan – Volunteer Experience on 24th Sep 2016

It takes thousands of rupees to get out of town, to throw parties, or on useless shopping in order to relieve  stress, anxiety, frustration, melancholy and what not …but I suggest try Mala Smriti’s Home kids who open the doors to unlimited positive vibes and smiles supply and the best part is  “It is absolutely Free” like other best things in the world. MalaSmritiHome_KhushiyanVisit2409_004

What a wonderful afternoon to celebrate a young girl’s birthday with these kids who are hungry for love more than chocolates and toys, where you don’t need to bribe or to make faces to get a kids attention unlike others in society. Their dresses might not be classy in social terms  but their aura, confidence and fruitful nature was way beyond above all the classes & they welcomed us with smiles, asking our names and work area without hesitation, like some ‘CID agent’ and, some even managed to embarrassed us too of not having touch based HD camera’s and fancy Mobiles (like saying inside their mini-minds ..C’mon with raising eyebrows……) ….and yes Where is the Freaking Birthday cake ” Birthday Girl”??? ( told u about their confidence, already)

Apparently, the room where event was organized was small yet every single kid including volunteers fitted perfectly. Mood got lighten up with lunch aroma sponsored by Birthday girl Ayushi where MalaSmritiHome_KhushiyanVisit2409_003Punjabi style made Chole were complimenting Rice with Salad, Aloo-puri & tasty Raiyta. But one dish lost the battle of flavor in kids eyes was Mix vegetable ….as it’s no secret, vegetables and kids are forever rivals but appreciated the fact that meal was nutritious, healthy and tasty.

Afterwards  two volunteers with loads of patience and shouting voices who calmed the kids first and then helped us all to learn sign language so we can larger our circle of communication. They also corrected most of us  that “Thank you” and “flying kisses” are two separated things in Sign world…Thank You, with a chin only. A little Ring throwing game with gifts got succeeded in getting kids attention, where a kid named “Amit” with Marvel pale green T-shirt were giving competition to famous Kohli in aggression. He was truly baap of all kids in every manner, seriously. Then because of a silly volunteer’s decision who opted water colors instead of crayons for drawing activity, resulted into painting murders and the victims were kids fingers, volunteers cloMala Smriti Home KhushiyanVisit 2409ths and floor tiles. But I am sure in modern art world those painting could have cost fortunes…..happy to bring out their little inner Hussain.

Well, all good things comes to end so was this evening but children entertained us with dance performances  before saying good bye. Not some any dance, well choreographed, perfectly balanced moves and kids chemistry were highly applaudable and the little Lord Krishna( just 3 or 4 years old and a gold medalist in Judo) was real Show stopper whose virtual flute was mostly inside his mouth(most epic moment of all).  After this short journey of hours we all took homes, a strong cocktail of moments which was mixture of  kids innocence, craziness ,aggression, nautanki & their warm hugs.

So Ayushi , If you called this event a birthday celebration then you have every right to celebrate your birthday after every single month unless you cut a real cake for real. Big Thanks to all volunteers cum Khushiyan members for making it a happening and mesmerizing evening.

Guys…..Keep spreading Khushiyan

Event Experience Shared by Jia Saxena.

MalaSmritiHome KhushiyanVisit 2409

MalaSmritiHome KhushiyanVisit 2409

Jia Saxena


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