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And we talked in silence

It was not a usual Saturday, when Khushiyan organized a workshop on basics of sign language. Earlier, I was not too keen on joining the workshop. Apprehensions like- what will be the use, will it be boring etc hovered me throughout the way to the venue.

Well, I reached (10 minutes late) and joined the group to learn something not known to many.

We were introduced to the numbers and basic requests signals through practical sessions. I remember, I had even tried decoding the joke narrated by Brijesh from deaf community. The joke was hilarious.

We also learned how sign language can be helpful – it will not only bring us near to the deaf community, it will also help us in suppressing noise pollution and promoting a single language of communication.

Sign language, like the name say, is a language without words.  And we had fun without creating noises. Initially, it was difficult to understand. But towards the end of the workshop, it seemed we are the people of a society where equality prevails. We are part of the group, which can enchant without words. And we are all part of a community, not segregated by a mere criterion of deafness.

For all, do visit ISBN page to get an access to free videos for basic learning

Also, some pictures which might not be able to describe my feelings, but will definitely entice you to learn more .



Author :- Manisha Ramsisaria

Manisha Ramsisaria


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