Khushiyan - Connecting Helping Hands

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Republic Day At Muskan Foundation on 26 Jan

national day celebration at Muskan foundation with Music on 26 Jan 2017

Take few seconds, to erase the pain, Connect helping hands, join the chain… Muskan Foundation Drug De-addiction and Rehabilitation center at Dwarka is a house for the treatment of many individuals that goes into the fog of drugs and addiction and loses their way. Dr. Bharat Bhushan and Dr. Kanchan

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Khushiyan Event at Muskan Foundation 20th Dec 2015

कुछ पल ज़िंदगी के, ज़िंदगी सिखा जाते है, चेहरे खुशियों के, नया जहां दिखा जाते है || ऐसे ही कुछ खुशियों के पल बाँटने जब ‘खुशियाँ’ की टीम मुस्कान फाउंडेशन के यहाँ गयी तो एक अलग सा ही नज़ारा था| Muskan Foundation – Drug De-Addiction & Rehabilitation Centre at Dwarka

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