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Khushiyan EducaThon2017 JMA-3 0Apr

First ever Volunteering Visit to Jan Manthan Adhikar in Gurgaon an overwhelming experience

On 6th of May, Team Khushiyan visited Jan Manthan Adhikar in Sukhrali Enclave. We met Ravi and Badari who are the ones taking care of Jan Manthan. They teach under privileged children of the slum area so that they too can get educated, they start learning and grow in their

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Khushiyan means HAPPINESS and Prayatna means EFFORT, an effort towards development of the unprivileged sections of the society, spreading happiness and make this world a worth living place for them as well. Aspire Systems Gurugram has taken the initiative to work for betterment of the society and it collaborated with

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Khushiyan EducaThon At SGST On 29 May

participating in Educathon visit to Shanti gyan sewa trust

I am a music teacher by profession and am delighted today to share my volunteering experience at an event called EducaThon 2017 organized by Khushiyan. We ventured across Delhi to Shanti Gyan Sewa Trust in  Burari, Delhi, with some trepidation on that weekend – would I be a good volunteer?

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Khushiyan Educatthon 2017 At Open School under Yamuna Bridge Metro, Delhi on 29 Apr

experience being part of educathon visit to open school under yamuna bridge on 22 April 2017

I have always enjoyed working as  a teacher and have also wanted to venture into something more exciting and challenging.  Khushiyan gave me this golden opportunity to meet the kids of this free school which is under the bridge at Yamuna bank. The coordinator of this place, Mr. Ramesh &

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My Experience celebrating teachers day at setu foundation, Noida on 3rd Sep 2016

First ever event at Khushiyan, I was pretty excited and happy to finally make it here. Entering the school, it all fell into place, the anxiousness and jittery feeling all gone seeing the numerous students flocking away from one room to another, full of life and happiness. With this very

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Inspirational words for children to achieve their dreams

यूं टकटकी लगाये आसमां मे क्या देखते हो, तुम्हारी आंखे क्यो बोझील सी प्रतीत नही होती अब, क्या है वहां जो तुम पाना चाहते हो, क्या है वहां जिसे तुम छुना चाहते हो, और क्या है वहां जिसे तुम महसूस करना चाहते हो । एक किरन जो तुम्हे तेज़ प्रदान

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Selected Books for SGST Children

Course Books requirement of SGST fulfilled on 17th Jan 16

In December , we received Requirements of Course Books ( 8th – 12th Hindi medium) , English Grammar and Dictionaries from Shanti Gyan Sewa Trust for children as part of library setup. They are teaching children for many years in morning and evening batch who are less privileged. SGST focus

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