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Sheer Joy of Giving

I would like to narrate an incident to my readers, as it happened with one of my mate , inspiring  us to start an initiative to do our bit of contribution. one of my very good friend, who is a struggling actor was coming back  home late on a   cold winter night from his acting classes. Hungry and exhausted, he was strolling his way back to home from the bus stand  when he passed by a temple where people were offering hot meals  to street beggars and underprivileged . Although hunger was hounding my mate , he did not bother to ask anyone there distributing food . Suddenly a gentlemen with a breadpakoda (Indian equivalent of a donut) in a plate along with some hot curry in his hand offered it to my mate with all humility and said ” Beta kuch khaoege ” (son would you like to have something).Reluctantly he accepted the meal , stood there feasted upon  eating it to replenish the lost energy of his body due to exertion and cold weather  . He thanked the gentlemen and without giving it a thought, continued on his way back home.


When he narrated this incident to me and one of my other friend  when we met, a thought struck to us that we were are all fortunate that  good Lord has given us enough , none of us has never slept empty stomach , but there are many who have to live hungry in the harsh cold winter days and sleep on the streets. There are many who work all day just to buy a small meal which to keep them going

We decided that by contributing a small amount , we will buy and distribute breadpakodas to the needy ones , and target those areas where people do not usually go to serve meal. Even when we went to make our purchase, we made sure that we place the order to a small vendor rather than a  big sweet shop. In all we ordered around 200 pieces , packed the stuff and hopped in our car .On our way we spotted a flyover beneath which many street dwellers were resting .


We distributed the food over there and people accepted our offerings with profound joyAfter that day, we try to organize similar drives and encourage others to be a part of it or contribute to the cause to make it a bigger success .I know it’s not a big philanthropic gesture but at least we should do the bare minimum with the time and resources we have in our hands. bread pakora

I would like to request my readers to take innovative initiatives for our underprivileged section of the society and share it on our Khushiyan blog . Also inspire friends and neighbours to be a part of it.

Bread pakoda – gift of happiness                              

   Article By :-   Rahul ( Software professional)

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