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registered as stem cell donor with genebandhu on my special day

 I have always encouraged khushiyan members to do something meaningful on special days , so it was my turn to plan something my side !!  I got an opportunity to meet Genebandu team during IIT Delhi ‘Kaizen’ event on 25th Feb 2017. I decided to register myself as a stem cell donor with Genebandhu on my special day, 20 April !!

During 2nd week of April,  I discussed with Ms Divya to confirm my availability for the same purpose. As the day came, got up ready and reached the Genebandhu office by 10:20 AM . In next 30 minutes, Session started with an  introduction about Genebandhu work and their team members. Also participants including trainees from IIM Indore introduced themselves and the reason to do internship with Genebandhu.

And then the process of Stem cell donor registration started.

  1. Firstly , filled up the consent form as best to my knowledge and handed over to Ms Divya.

    Stem Cell Donation with Genebandhu on birthday

  2. Ms Rekha brought a kit which had 4 cotton filled sticks to collect the cheek swab sample. 2 for right and another 2 for left side cheeks so that good quality sample can be collected. Sample is further tested to generate the reports before its formal entry in the global registry.

    Stem Cell Donation with Genebandhu on birthday

  3. As the formal process of registration completed , got few pictures clicked for my memory and to encourage others for registration and volunteer with Genebandhu.

    Stem Cell Donation with Genebandhu on birthday

  4. Last but not the least, Shri Omkar ji and genebandhu team felicitated me with bouquet and personalized gifts as Birthday special !! It was the most surprising moment for me and felt honored being with such an active and passionate team members !!

Stem Cell Donation with Genebandhu on birthday

Wishing Genebandhu team very best of luck in the initiatives and we from Khushiyan team will work in collaboration to spread the awareness and increase the donors database.


About GenebandhuGenebandhu is a not-for-profit based out of New Delhi, India endeavoring to create hope, as well as resources, for patients that are in danger of falling prey to dangerous blood disorders like Leukaemia (blood cancer), Aplastic Anemia, Thalassemia and Sickle cell Anaemia. Started way back in 1998 (previously called ‘Safe Blood Organization’), the aim of Genebandhu is to build a repository of genetically “matched” donors i.e. donors that have a certain genetic make-up, which would be similar or identical to the one found in these patients. More at website

Stem Cell Donor registration with Genebandhu on 20 April , birthday

Rohit Gupta


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