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Making every day – a good day

I am born in a family, where giving is considered a part of living, ensuring a growth with empathy. When I was small, I used to enjoy serving hot puris and halwa whenever my parents used to visit Hanuman Temple near Yamuna bank. It was fun for me. I used to wonder, and obviously assume, my parents can afford to shell out extra bucks and hence, they donate. Well, the truth was only half.


When I grew up, I came to know that every day, they save Rs 10-20 and keep in a piggy bank, they use the same amount to donate and cook for needy. Not only do they have maintained a separate shelf for it, they also ensure that every time, when they cancel any of their eating out plan/going out plan – the saved money goes to the piggy bank as well.


Having asked about it, they always claims why to make donation a burden, we enjoy doing it every day. They have made it a part of them and now, it is part of me as well. Trust, this is the easiest method I have learnt to save and piggy-bankdonate, with no financial burden or obligations, and within no time, the amount collected is rich enough to feed 100-200 hungry lives.

It is funny, how we all often excuse ourselves saying, we don’t earn extra money for the charity though all one need is the will and some easy meaningful thoughts towards the society. Distributing may be food to 100 people at a time may not be a bigger impact for you, but it still can be positive for those who got fed. And I am not doing it for the people, or for the society…


I am doing it for myself- it makes me feel human and makes me believe that there are more people on this planet in different corners, who are doing the same and brick by brick, developing this place for me, for you and for all of us.



This is my idea of making every day – a GOOD DAY – By Manisha , Founder (The Purple Tooth) Few more Articles written by Manisha

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