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Cleanliness Drive Initiative by Prayatna , Gurgaon

“Cleanliness is next to godliness”    M. K. Gandhi

There is hardly anyone of us who have not heard of this dictum at school, followed and preached by the father of our great nation. Though perhaps, due to the numerous re-iterations it has undergone, today it is confined to lips and few hands

I am not a big follower of politics, but cleanliness mission started by our present government, has been my recent inspiration. It was my great privilege last week to see it being commissioned as a full-fledged initiative in the state of Haryana, where the government launched it by name “Clean Haryana – Clean India” drive across the state.  Typically, in these events one would imagine stars, big hot-shots coming forward and cleaning the neighbourhood in an effort to inspire others to come ahead (Remember those Clean Yamuna or Clean Juhu Chowpatty drives). Gurgaon however, had quite a different spectacle for us, where students from government schools participated and were instrumental in executing the drive at Sector 22B and Molahera Localities. Prayatna_Cleanliness_InProcess (2)

These students are a part of Prayatna School of Excellence, an NGO working tirelessly towards upliftment by taking them from confined literacy to holistic education. Only few of us realise how massive a difference is there in between the two. The students’ enthusiasm enthralled the government officials as well as it inspired the common folk of these localities to come together for a cleaner Haryana. Students made their way in tractor trailers with equipment provided by the government and got their hands dirty for a cleaner society. I remember my dad telling every time he asked me to clean my room, “it builds character”. Many students present there weren’t even associated with Prayatna but answered its appeal for contribution towards driving this noble initiative. Prayatna_Cleanliness_InProcess

I would have gone forward and said that these localities are now spotless, but that would be a lie. But those who will judge the success of this drive by current cleanliness in these localities’ would be far too myopic. This initiative instilled hope and inspired many to achieve what was impossible for many of us till date as I can remember, a clean India. It wasn’t an event which is been concluded, in their eyes one can see; it’s a step towards a great vision.

Prayatna Student After Cleanliness

Prayatna Student After Cleanliness

Prayatna requested MCG for proper Dustbins and Posters that need to be placed at different identified locations of Sector and village and also in Sector 22B Market.

 Experience Shared By – Anand Agarwal , Prayatna Volunteer ([email protected])

About Prayatna , NGO – “Prayatna” a non for profit organization incorporated in Jan 2009 by setting up a in-formal school in village Molahera of Gurgaon district.  Prayatna aimed at promoting reforms in education system by improving the quality of education at the primary and secondary level in India. It is run by working professionals dedicated for society welfare. Prayatna School of Excellence mission statement can be defined as   “To promote education among socially and economically backward sections of the society and to take every step in furtherance of the same including setting up of various programs, development centers and similar activities essential to promote educational levels”

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Anand Agarwal , Prayatna Volunteer


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