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Khushiyan means HAPPINESS and Prayatna means EFFORT, an effort towards development of the unprivileged sections of the society, spreading happiness and make this world a worth living place for them as well. Aspire Systems Gurugram has taken the initiative to work for betterment of the society and it collaborated with Khushiyan; an NGO which seeks a society where less privileged people meets their basic needs so that they could lead a better life and become an asset for the nation. Khushiyan offers a glad hand to several NGO’s and works in various sections including education, health, etc. For education, it’s collaborated with Prayatna; an NGO aims at promoting reforms in the education system by improving the quality of education at the primary and secondary level in India.


An event held on 13th May, 17, where a team of Aspirian’s and Khushiyan’s volunteers went to Prayatna’s informal school in village Molahera of Gurugram district. There we met smiling faces with bright shining eyes holding a dream ranging from 8-15 years of age, Aspire sponsored NCERT Books of 9th and 10th standard and various stationary items to these growing buds.

Khushiyan EducaThon At Prayatna 2017

The kids were enthusiastic and artistic, the confidence with which they presented themselves were beyond comparison. They’d showcase various talents like a group dance, patriotic poems and a play dedicated to our Indian Martyr like Lt. Shri Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru, our heroes.

It was overwhelming to see such a talent which might go unnoticed if such NGOs didn’t take initiative and work for their Right to Education. Khushiyan EducaThon At Prayatna 2017

Then, we bid adieu to youngsters and marched towards the tiny tots waiting for us in other Prayatna’s informal school near Jharsa.

Those little faces sparkled to see unexpected new faces and our eyes got filled with tears of joy. Children were so excited to play with us and their innocent performances overflowed in our heart with gratitude as He (God) made us capable of helping them and bringing light to their future.

We distributed gifts and stationary to the kids and watched them grooving in happiness. We winded up and took farewell from them with a hope in heart that the act of selfless giving will motivate others on this path and will lead to a better society where no one is deprived of their rights.


Volunteering Experience shared by : Meenal Sachdeva

Meenal Sachdeva


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