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Literacy Day at Prayatna-School of Excellence, Gurgaon

Priyanka Maharana from Impulse Corp. an ardent lover of children who has been leading the volunteering at “Prayatna- School of Excellence” Jharsa.

She has shared her experience about International Literacy day Celebrations at Prayatna, Jharsa with books and Stories…

The evening started by giving a brief introduction on “Literacy Day” and the “Importance of education”. The agenda was reading out “Pratham” books to the kids and conveying them the hidden moral of the stories.


Monica Ma’am started the event by choosing a book named “TAKLOO“.books

The story of a boy who despite from a small village, through his intelligence and smartness, made use of the excess salt getting wasted in his house and earned money to help his poor family.
The sparkle in the eyes of the kids with every twist and turn in the story was eye-binding.
Kids enjoyed a lot; the way Monica ma’am narrated whole story.

In the end of the story Monica Ma’am explained the moral of the story by telling that:
1. Even kids are capable of performing tasks like grown-ups do. All that is needed is passion and will power.
2. Money never determines happiness neither money can buy happiness.
She also emphasized on how despite of facing a hard time to make both ends meet, Takloo was always happy and cheerful.

Not only for kids but for definitely for us also it was a nice inspirational story.


2nd Book: – Then, Renu Ma’am held the baton forward with the book “MUJHE SCHOOL NAHI JANA

This story was of a kid who always found reasons to avoid going to school and how his mother made him realize the importance of going to school.Children Education

With end of the story Renu ma’am asked kids about the moral of the story they learnt. To my surprise, everyone raised his/her hand enthusiastically. And the answer came in a melodious tune. The highlighted answers by the kids were:
1. School plays a pivotal role in our lives.
2. It isn’t only limited to our academics, it also teaches us ethics and makes us a better social animal.
3. Kids should always listen to their parents as they always guide us to strive towards our betterment.

The third book,
BANSURI KA JADOO” was narrated by Shivani Ma’am.
Bansuri ka Jadoo was the Hindi interpretation of Robert Browning’s famous story “The Pied Piper of Hamelin“.
Shivani ma’am created a beautiful atmosphere amongst us and reached to the moral of the story. She highlighted few points as learning:

1. We should always value and respect people who helpus.
2. Promises once made, should never be broken. This may lead to disastrous consequences.

With the third story the book reading session came to an end.

After this, a 1-hour essay-writing competition held wherein the kids were supposed to write 10 lines on any one of the two topics given. Topics were”

1:  MY FAVORITE TEACHER (since the day before it was Shri S. Radhakrishnan’s birthday)


Further, the students were divided into two groups based on their age. Judges were nominated by the staff to choose winners. Top three best write-ups were gifted with stationery to encourage their skills. ”

story telling

Hoping to witness many such inspiring events in the coming times!!

Experience Written By: – Priyanka

International Literacy Day Celebration at – Prayatna NGO

Connect to Prayatna and their initiatives Fb Website




  1. Manisha Ramsisaria 4 years ago November 6, 2014

    Indeed an innovative way to engage kids in learning 🙂 ..

  2. Praneet 4 years ago November 5, 2014

    Thanks Khusiyaan Team and a special thanks to Rohit for publishing this write-up here; Excellent step to connecting each other volunteering efforts. wish to see more and more articles here; all the best


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