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my experience volunteering with khushiyan

It’s been more than one year since I have joined “Khushiyan” NGO. If I have to sum up my experience in one word, I’d say that it is ‘life-changing’ for me with “Khushiyan” whatever I have shared with this “Family”. I have learned a lot of things just within one year and I can say that the joy of spreading the smile , the joy of giving the happiness is totally different when you do something or when u make a little effort to someone who need us.
In 2015 I came to Delhi for my job and since childhood I always wanted to do something for the underprivileged kids, for old age people or I can say to all those people who need our support to make their life better than present situation. I came in touch with “Khushiyan” and“ Rohit” for the first time through one of my friend. That time in Dec 2015 “Khushiyan” was planning to do an event with “Umeed Aman Ghar” near Qutab Minar for the distribution of winter caps and socks to the children and that was my first experience to do something for the kids. I met with the other volunteers of “Khushiyan” and enjoyed a lot with all the children. Here is the memorable picture of that day…..


I realized that day when you see a person smile, and when you give something for their smile, it gives greatest joy and internal satisfaction. We distributed caps and socks to the children, we played games with them, we cooked and we also had lots of fun with all the kids.

Since then I am the part of “Khushiyan” and doing volunteering for this NGO . I have learnt a lot of things, where I actually get internal satisfaction and happiness when I join any event or  support all the projects for which “Khushiyan” is working and trying to fulfill the requirements in different areas.

Every time when I join any event with “Khushiyan” always have a totally different experience. We have celebrated one of our volunteer b’day at “Mala Smriti home” where came in touch with some talented children who won the medals in sports and that moment was also special for me.

“Khushiyan” is not only giving me opportunity to give myself in a particular area…but also I have learnt how to understand the requirements, finding the solution for those requirements and how to fulfill that in different areas like health, educational field, organizing events with some other NGOs and the most important and common in all these things is how to “spread smile”. I came in touch with so many NGOs of Delhi working in different areas since I am volunteering for “Khushiyan” and every time I always see different issues, different requirements like blood donation, setting up library or collecting books, distributing winters clothes or blankets….I tried to understand all the requirements and these things give me an opportunity to work for them, to contribute something for them and of course to learn something new in different areas.

Recently I celebrated Diwali at “Khushi Rainbow Home, Okhla” and “Guru Vishram Vridh Aashram, Mohan Estate” which was the memorable Diwali I have celebrated ever and I am proud to be the part of “Khushiyan” because of this experience. I made Rangoli over there, had lots of fun, played games and sharing and interacting with old age people and with the girls was joyful for me. I have never celebrated Diwali like this before and that’s why it was the memorable Diwali for me. This one was my first experience in an old age home and it was my first contribution and a little effort for old age people. That day I was also awarded for the continuous effort as a volunteer which was the best award for me and yes the best diwali gift I have received ever and the best festive celebration in a different way for me. “Khushiyan” has also given me lot of friends to share lot of things and common interest. We all celebrate our festival with our close one, with our family, with our friends but in life when we light a lamp for someone else it also brighten our path. Some people say I inspire them but all I want to say that you can be also an inspiration for someone if you just give your little time to someone who need our support. Here is the picture of Diwali celebration…


In the end I would like to say thanks to “Khushiyan” and I am proud to be a member, a volunteer of “Khushiyan”. “Khushiyan” has not only boosted my confidence level but also created so many memories with children, old age people while organizing the events and while sharing a lot of things with them. Being a volunteer I would like to suggest everyone that just make some time from your busy life to someone who need us, just make some efforts to change someone’s life and trust me nothing is more satisfactory than spreading the smile , spreading the happiness….

Straight From My Heart….

Proud to be a Volunteer….

Spread Happiness,  Spread Khushiyan…Connect with us and change someone’s life…

International Journalists at Khushi Rainbow Home

Anu Upadhyay


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