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First spotfix with Gurgaon Rising – 4th Oct

It was just start of another day and lot of tasks were supposed to be completed being a holiday. Have been following TUI (The Ugly Indians) fb page for almost 2.5 years -generally sharing their events through khushiyan page and discussing about great initiative with friends and colleagues at various occasions . This time, I decided to be part of it and be able to contribute physically experiencing the joy of removing ugliness ..yes my 1st spotfix  with enthusiastic and energetic volunteers of Gurgaon rising.

I reached almost 30 minutes before schedule and was wondering which is the actual area for the spot fix . As the event time was approaching , team members started coming and we became a group of 20+ people including children as well.
Rohit scrubbing posters

Team lead assigned us the work and provided brush & water mug the real job started – cleaning posters from pillars – it looked simple initially but soon realized that its not at all an easy task …

It takes hardly few seconds to stick po     

sters but 10-20 minutes to remove them completely.why do we permit political parties, sales , advertisements posters on public space.. well unending list of questions in mind with ‘Let’s do it attitude’ and inspiration from many TUI successful spot fixes were enough to keep the energy flowing …results started showing and slowly it was getting clearer . 

Well What i loved the most was 

Volunteers in process to fix other black spots

Volunteers in process to fix other black spots

    Amazing Team work (Kaam Challu Mooh Bandh)

  • Removing ugliness the only objective
  • This event which not only make place cleaner but also bring sense of responsibility to people watching the spot fix..

I believe only 1 spotfix is not enough but series of them along with awareness , education and accountability from all citizens can bring the real change over the time. It’s we who have to change first ..

  • Please Don’t throw garbage or litter on public places.
  • Even Don’t support family members or friends doing so.
  • Talk to street food vendors and encourage them to keep dustbins .
freedom from Pillars ugliness - efforts of 30+ team members

freedom from Pillars ugliness – efforts of 30+ team members

Cleanliness Drive Pics :-  Click here

                                          Article by – Rohit Gupta ( Khushiyan )

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  1. Khushiyan 4 years ago November 13, 2014

    Thanks dear , we hope that we would keep sharing the experiences of volunteers through articles which would encourage our visitors also to contribute.

    Keep spreading khushiyan with good acts.


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