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Experience with Khushiyan Muskan Event

DATE : 27/7/2014

I extended my stay in Delhi by almost 1 week and i was super excited to do my first volunteering with khushiyan team.The event was pre-planned and was scheduled for 27th July. Though it was my 1st volunteering guess what i reached the destination late by almost 30 minutes (heavy Delhi traffic) by that time the event has already started and i missed out welcome words and guitar performance . One thing which i like about khushiyan is that they understand the importance of time.
When i entered the rehabilitation centre it was bit congested and walls covered with charts teaching good practises. I was amazed by the enthusiasm and energy of the patients not only kids but adults were also tapping feets on Punjabi music and few kids aged between 15-20 were demanding for Honey Singh 😀 . Without making any further delay i joined them. They were so friendly by nature that they accepted me as their family in no time and started sharing their feeling about their stay in MUSKAN FOUNDATION, strict rules and regulation they have to follow, how they became drug-addict.The patients include adults and kids from different background some of them beg on streets, few are college students,workers etc. On conversation with them i found that they are slowly realizing their mistake and accepting the fact how big blunder they made with their life and family.They themself started reciting about the ill effects of drugs and how its affecting their body and mind.
Its 3:30 PM and now we have to move to our next event as we planned, its was a surprise game. We distributed newspaper to all much to my surprise some started reading bollywood section, few get themselves involved into serious discussion about cricket. This site moved me very much, they too have interest into various activities but are helpless, they need fortunate people like us to take them forward. Finally our game started and it was basket the paper ball. We could see the excitement, gossiping, some serious discussion going on how to basket the maximum ball, we grouped the participants into the team of 4. We hardly put much effort into managing the crowd, they automatically arrange themselves into the queue waiting for their turn. I must say it was all hard work of the Staffs of MUSKAN FOUNDATION that they are so disciplined. Gifts to the winner and chocolates were distributed to all which added smiles to their faces.
We are on time, next event for a change was a “Magic Show” . As soon as magician puts his hat a voice from the crowd is heard ” Aab to kabutar or khargosh nikalega ” 😀 . To keep the excitement alive he kept calling volunteer among the patients. Every time choosing a new volunteer is getting tougher because kids are enjoying and they want to learn and perform the magic we had a wonderful 45 minute show.
Our event was running smoothly and after 3:00 hr of  dance. music, games, masti, and magic everybody is now hungry we made an arrangement of some mouth watering hot Kachoris and Gulabjamun. The scene was worth watching kids shouting asking for sweets again and again. 🙂
Before concluding this event, we sung National Anthem which evoke the feeling of patriotism and togetherness followed by exchange of vote of thanks from both sides. It was worth remembering 3 hrs of entertainment and fun, they bid us adieu with their 3 cheers clapping  which made our eyes filled with emotions, tears and love. It could be seen from their faces that they don’t want us to leave, in return we made a firm promise with all of them that we will make a re-visit soon. 🙂
Each one of us is not leaving this organization empty handed but together we bagged lots of appreciation,encouragement to keep spreading khushiyan and love. 🙂


That’s how my first time volunteering came to an end. I Thank Khushiyan for giving me a chance to volunteer in their event and everyone else starting from planning phase till the end who are involved in making this event a grand success and a memorable one. Salute to the staff members of MUSKAN FOUNDATION for the commendable work they are doing for the betterment of the society.
I wish i could do more such volunteering with khushiyan team  to spread smile and khushiyan into the lives of less fortunate ones 🙂
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        By Ashwin Maheshwari 

Ashwin Maheshwari



  1. Dr. Bharat Bhushan 5 years ago September 17, 2014

    Muskan Foundation is greatful to Mr. Rohit Gupta n young volunteers of Khushiyan team for organising such a wonderful n joyful event for the Muskan Family.
    Hume tum yaad rakhna aur hume yaad karna tum
    Tum lot ke aaoge yeh mat bhool jana tum
    Muskan family will wait for ur next event.

  2. Ritika 5 years ago September 2, 2014

    Khusiyan is doing a great job!!


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