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The sense of palpation is always determined by the virtues that prevail within you to see that the existence of every entity in this universe is beautiful and one is meant to spread the smiles.

KHUSHIYAN“,I won’t consider it amongst one of not only the most ethical and active Ngo, in fact I would consider it in the exact definition of happiness without any malice feelings or partial behavior towards anyone. They spread smiles and happiness.

On 7th November, along 24 volunteers and 3 donors, we went to celebrate Diwali, with “Umeed- Aman ghar “. There is a lot of thing I want to express or say but I think I won’t be able to express those millions of blissful touches and warmth of those kids.

The excitement of being there, but before I would try to pen down those silent muse, I want you to really ponderlize over that they don’t have “Chappals/shoes “, can we contribute little bit from our side?

I will start with Kajal Sethi, an enthusiastic volunteer, and a realistic photographer who came for capturing those beautiful linings of soul those are wandering to find their lost identities. She is so down to earth and felt genuinely her true connectivity.

Ragini , an another volunteer is one of the most beautiful person , who believe in keep the things simple and make even the dead things look alive . I was literally impressed by her that moolchand street and red light novels/newspaper sellers knew her “achiwalididi“ name and she keep spreading KHUSHIYAN.

IMG_4746I , Ashish Sharma was assigned to make Rangoli for them , I did my task with a message to keep faith with my raw abstract artwork & I know pretty well how to keep things look smiling all the time around those sadistic lips those says they are lost somewhere here only.

Neha Arora and Monika are very energetic and cheerful volunteers. She helped everyone is one or other activities.11139348_951020288277024_4411454435449846758_n

Mehak Sajid, well she knows the precise meaning of life, and where to stand for people around and where not to. Shekeeps her surrounding look so pretty beautiful. She is too good with energizers and keeping the events full of energy. She helped everyone.

Shweta ,Shmiksha and Rajat helped us in gift wrapping for the entire Umeed AmanGhar staff. They know how to go with the flow of happiness.

Rohit and Bhabhiji, well there is not so much I can really pen down about the couple and the founder of KHUSHIYAN . Khushiyan@UmeedAmanGhar

He is a guy with no attitude , so down to earth , and one who is always ready to help everyone and damn polite to do anything for the society . No doubt, his efforts are putting a lot of positive impact over the society. bhabhiji kept clicking the entire event and helped everyone in a lot of activities.

Rohit along Tanveer hosted and planned the entire event.IMG_4939

Tanveer is an energetic & passionate who have extra inclination to do something for the kids/orphans.

Origami was conducted by Adyapika, a social group of people who trains teachers .they helped the kids to find their creative sides.12187813_10207877790573182_2722254218423017062_n

Gifts were given to all kids along KHUSHIYAN ngo and Adhyapika-Group, a lot of dance- dhinchakmasti , chinese whisper games, Diyas lightening , chocolates , etc .

Some hugs warmth can’t be expressed, some echoes of whispers can’t be told and shared, but yeah we can keep awakening the souls around us to spread “ KHUSHIYAN “ to keep umeed ( faith ) in the things we believe and our deeds .

Written By  Ashish Sharma – Volunteer , Author/Writer at The Wind Of a Poet



Ashish Sharma


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