Khushiyan - Connecting Helping Hands

About Us

Want to connect with NGO's or Social Causes ?

Every one of us wants to do something good, share our abundant resources, spend some quality time with those who don’t have company, engage in meaningful tasks; in short, help society in whatever minimal way we can, work towards the betterment of the society in which we live as we make the community what it is. But, how do we do it? Who do we contact?


  • Vision

    We pursuit for a society where less privileged people meet their basic needs to become an asset for the nation. We promote volunteering to help bridge any gap between contributors and beneficiaries.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to become a platform where NGO’s Initiatives and requirements can be integrated with volunteers’ support; innovation and creativity-based initiatives can be led by volunteers to create awareness and a learning environment, which benefit everyone involved.

  • About Khushiyan

    Khushiyan has been started as an initiative to help bridge the gap between volunteers and organizations in order to maximize the support towards beneficiaries.

    There are many committed organizations that are doing commendable work for children, aged, environment, women, and rural areas and in many other fields. Also, there are many individuals and groups of people who would like to help these organizations at a voluntary level. We act as mediums to help one connect to their cause and contribute though our Social media.