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Connecting Corporates , Organizations , Volunteers and NGO's

There are many committed organizations that are doing commendable work for children, aged, environment, women, rural areas and in many other fields. Also, there are many corporate or organizations who would like to help non-profit organizations at a voluntary level and support their causes.

We act as mediums to help one connect to their cause and contribute though our Social media.


You don’t have to belong to any organization or any big brand or have ample material resources to be able to make a difference. It starts from a simple thought, one person, one good deed, one initiative.

Project - Education Sewa

Education Sewa project works on 4 main Areas to support Children Education and their overall growth and development. We will collaborate with individuals and organizations for this project.

I must thank #Khushiyan for giving me this wonderful opportunity to meet those nice girl students and the nice people who are making their dreams real.
The only comment I can make is that how well the event was organized and run. I have been to a few information events and it was up to its usual excellent standard.
I sincere thanks to everyone concerned with organization today.???

It has really been a wonderful experience and I must thank you,Once again????

experience at Lohri Event on 15th Jan

Parth Aggarwal

As a volunteer ,it was my first time ….attending something of this sort,the Christmas celebration at Desire Home society,Gurgaon really made an experience to be remembered all my life, My Santa really planned a priceless gift for me.Every single thing about the function was special…But most of all wat made it even more Celebrating was the happy faces of children living dere n the loving spirit of enjoying every given moment.

Simply blessed to be a part of Khusiyan n family

Shilpa Jaiswal

Shilpa joined Khushiyan event 1st time.

Had AMAZING EXPERIENCE celebrating Teacher’s day at Setu foundation with KHUSHIYAN TEAM.
Doing something selflessly to bring smile on the faces of soo many kids is a real way to pursue happiness. The team of Khushiyan not only allows you to volunteer but to also lead with our own ideas.
With such efforts I believe we will be able to spread khushiyan all around. 🙂

With best wishes!

Teachers Day 2016 – Khushiyan Event Experience

Jasleen Kaur